Club Repair

We offer professional custom club repair. Keep your golf equipment in pristine condition. Golf Universe Technicians can turn your old golf clubs into like-new condition. We offer a variety of club repair services. Whether you need re-grips, new shafts, a shaft installed, removed and/or adjusted, adjust the loft and lie of your clubs or special modifications, our experienced repair specialists can make accurate adjustments to your clubs to better meet your golf needs and improve your game.

Grip Installation

Grip Install ($4.00 each or Free with grip purchase):
A Simple yet delicate procedure, we can fit your clubs with the latest in grip technology. Best of all you'll get them all put on straight!  

Shaft Install, Removal, & Length Adjustment

Shaft Install ($20.00 per club):
Broken shaft, or looking for an upgrade? Our custom club shop can get you on the right track.

Bore Through Shaft Install ($20.00 per club):
Bore through shafts are typically irons, designed to have the tip of the shaft extend all the way through the sole.

Shorten Shaft ($3.00 per club):
Have you been fitted to play a shorter shaft? Most clubs can have their length altered.

Lengthen Shaft ($5.99 Steel or $6.99 Graphite per club*):
Looking to add additional length to your clubs? Most irons, putters, and woods can have length added to the existing shaft.
*Save grip Fee may apply.

Loft/Lie Angle Adjustments

($5.99 per club or $39.99 for 8 piece set, $14.99 per putter):
Look no further for master tech loft and lie angle adjustments. Whether you have been fitted for another lie angle on your irons or putter, these technical adjustments can greatly improve your game.

Additional Club Repair Services

Re-Epoxy Head ($15.00):
During the golf season epoxy in the club head can become hot or cold, causing club heads to loosen or come off. Our master repair team will re-epoxy and re-unite your club head and shaft.

Driver Adjustment Sleeves:
Have you been fitted to a new shaft? Or maybe you're looking for an upgrade. Adding a driver adjustment tip to shafts is no problem at Golf Universe.

Push Cart Maintenance:
Flat tire? No problem we can assist.

Club Fitting ($49.99 or FREE with any club purchase):
Using the latest technology in club fitting you will be dynamically fit into the proper; Length, Lie Angle, Shaft flex, Grip Size, and Club head.

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