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Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm
 Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

Golf Universe will be opening Tuesday, May 5th, 2020.

Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 
9AM to 6PM 

10AM to 5PM

Mini Golf and Driving Range will open at 10AM

In accordance with the Washington State regulations now in place,
Golf Universe will have rules and regulations for every customer. 

The following applies to each customer entering the store as of May 5th.


Rules and Regulations for Golf Universe

Store Wide:

  1. Maintain customer Log with contact information
  2. No large group gathers and/or loitering in store
  3. Regularly sanitize frequently touched surfaces, counter tops, equipment, door handles, cash registers, etc.

    Mini Golf:
  4. Groups NO more than (4) persons if from the same household, otherwise no more than (2) persons in a group if from separate households. NO EXCEPTIONS
  5. Mini Golf opens at 10am. Must call in advance to set up a tee time. Tee times for mini golf to begin at 10am through 1 hour before closing (Tee times every 15 minutes to ensure social distancing).
  6. No flags to be placed in cups on mini golf courses
  7. Mini golf putters and balls to be sanitized before customer use
  8. Station for used mini golf equipment to be stored until cleaning/sanitizing
  9. Customers must exit mini golf courses once round is completed
  10. Marshall the courses to ensure physical distancing between golfers/groups

    Driving Range:
  11. Ensure social distancing between individual range bays
  12. Driving Range opens at 10am (buckets will stop being sold 1 hour prior to closing)
  13. Discontinue club/equipment “rentals” for the driving range
  14. Ask customers to exit driving range once they have completed their buckets
  15. Marshall the driving range to ensure physical distancing between golfers/groups

Division Manager: Shawn Sanderson


Store Manager: Lionel Kunka


Phone: 509-735-2900

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