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With DJ’s very educated and informative help I was able to get fit for a new driver. Dj showed me that the driver shaft I had was not creating the correct amount of spin or kicking in the right spot for my swing. He had me hit about 5 different drivers, with countless different shafts until we settled on what he thought was the best, what the numbers said was the best and what I liked the best as well. I continually recommend anyone looking for new clubs to go get fit by Dj. He’s professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around.

Jeff Neher


DJ is a model for customer service always going above and beyond what the customer is asking for. He truly cares about the customer and ensures they leave with a great experience. I always tell people to ask for DJ at golf universe.

Blair Hanberg


Golf universe has the best selection for all your golfing needs and the friendliest staff to help. If you have any technical questions about getting the right equipment in your hands or playing the correct golf ball, look no further than DJ Solis. DJ provides a wealth of knowledge from years of study, research, and experience. He is always up to date on the latest technology from shaft to club head and can help you attain the best launch angle and ball spin rate to optimize your performance. With DJ's insight you will enjoy the game even more.

Chris Johnson


It's always a treat to step into Golf Universe, mostly due to the thought of playing more golf but also this is truly a great golf shop! I am all about supporting your local small golf shop but Golf Universe doesn't feel like a small shop as they always have all the newest products available in store for you to try out!! They also have a launch monitor to help you choose the right clubs for you. Even when it's busy you can get on the launch monitor without much hassle. The staff is knowledgeable about golf and always willing to go the extra mile to help you. Even though they have a large selection of golf related items the service however is what really makes Golf Universe special.

Lee Slape


DJ is the best club fitter I have ever worked with! The most knowledgeable salesman that cares and puts the customer first. I can count him to take care of all my customers!

Matt Mandell


DJ is very knowledgeable and helpful about clubs and technology and the only person I trust for any of my club repair 

Nick Atkin


DJ is as good as there is when it comes to knowledge about the game, and little tips and tricks on how to help improve my game. Before I buy any club, golf ball or training tool, I look for DJ's advice before anybody else. If you have questions, or just want someone to look at your swing, DJ is the guy!

Daniel Haug


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